About SRI.

Skills Recognition International Pty Ltd (RTO 32373) is registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority to deliver vocational education and training services

As an RTO, Skills Recognition International can deliver nationally recognised courses and accredited Australian Qualifications Framework qualifications

At SRI we believe that learning should be embedded with quality and outcomes. We have a team of people who not only participate with your training and skills assessment requirements, but help with achieving employment, migration, removing barriers of learning, compliance or even up-skilling into a new field

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Whether you are a new job-seeker wishing to enter the job market or an experienced individual wanting to switch careers, Skills Recognition International offers endless benefits to students. While we are based in Queensland, our online courses can benefit students Australia-wide. 

For students, we facilitate vocational learning that is stimulating for young school-leavers while preparing them for the career of their choice. We aim to provide learning experiences which are engaging, interactive and enjoyable. Where students are able to see and experience the practical relevance of their studies every step of the way. For those career hopefuls who are more experienced and skilled, we provide a free skills assessment to help set you on the right path for your dream job. You may wish to aim for a higher position or venture into a new field altogether. With SRI, you can skip the lengthy process of a career-focused qualification and complete only the training necessary to help you upskill for your desired position. 

We have professional Career Advisors who will get to know you and talk you through the different options available to you in your search for career fulfillment. A qualification with Skills Recognition International will get you more than just a job. It will help provide you with the skills and knowledge for you to work towards achieving career success.


Business: Take an accredited training course in business leadership and other related topics to secure a management position or start your own business. A skills assessment will help you decide which course is best for you.

Community Service: Fulfill your passion for community service work with a qualification from Skills Recognition International that will help you rise to the top in this field.

Health: Acquire the necessary skills and practical knowledge required for rewarding work with the elderly or the disabled community in Australia. 

Post-Graduate Qualification: Secure a promotion or gain confidence and outcomes-based results with more efficient management. A post-graduate diploma can also enhance portfolio management if you work on multiple projects and desire maximum productivity.

Work Health & Safety: Pursue a diploma or certificate in Work Health & Safety from SRI that will give you the skills to take on a career in the WHS sector as an advisor or assessor.

ICT & Telecommunications: ICT positions are some of the highest in demand, and this is not going to change any time soon. Secure a job in this booming sector or move to an advanced role in ICT installations and cabling.

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