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WHY Skills Recognition International

Skills Recognition International is a registered training organisation dedicated to helping you get qualified for the career of your choice.

We offer comprehensive workplace training skills, as well as RPL courses for different industries online. Each course and training is customised and focuses on topics relevant to your specific needs.

We have been providing these high-quality services for over 10 years, helping individuals across Australia upskill and earn the qualification they need.

Skills Recognition International is also registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority. As an ASQA-registered RTO, we deliver nationally recognised vocational education and training services.

With our industry-level courses and training programs available online, you get instant access to the ones suited for you. This streamlines the learning process and makes it easier for you to acquire the knowledge and skills you need.

In addition to comprehensive training services, we have a dedicated team that ensures students complete and enjoy their learning experience with us.

All these, combined with our partnership with industry leaders and select government organisations, makes Skills Recognition International the RTO that can help you advance your career.
Having previous relevant knowledge, skills and experiences recognised brings numerous benefits for your career, including opening doors to more opportunities and saving time and money on unnecessary training programs.

At Skills Recognition International, we help you assess your competency and earn formal qualifications with our Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL courses. Learn more about them below.


At Skills Recognition International we pride ourselves in partnering with Industry Leaders and Researchers.

SRI ensures that our graduates have real world skills delivered by well-connected Trainers and Assessors.

Take a look at our industry leadersing partners.

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Job Seekers

Explore your training options as there are many training courses available to assist you to re-enter the workforce, up-skill or aim for a new career.

Skills Recognition International supports your career planning and we can arrange a time for one of our Career Advisers to talk with you and look at the training options available to you.

SRI’s advisers will work with you to help you find the qualification that is right for where you want to be.

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Student Support Services

To ensure that all students complete their studies and enjoy the experience, SRI offers assistance to students who need a variety of learning services.

We partner with several government organisations and offer our own staff as assistance with the course and meeting the learning outcomes.

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Skills Recognition International specialises in RPL for Migration Agents, or individuals wishing to have a skills assessment in order to apply for RPL.

Migration Agents need to register with SRI and will be given access to the online RPL system, RPLme!

You will be able to lodge your clients skills assessment applications and check in real time the status of any applications.

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