Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Management

Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Management



Turn your dreams of becoming a project manager into accreditations and real-world skills with our Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Management. At Skills Recognition, you’ll learn with industry leaders on your side and career support from start to end.

A Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Management is the qualification of choice if you are aiming to manage a portfolio of projects at one time. You’ll learn the skills needed to organise and prioritise multiple projects and programs, including keeping track of budgets and ensuring that there are sufficient financial resources for successful completion.

With this qualification, you’ll bring increased confidence and advanced skills to an existing role or be empowered to apply for a new role in strategic portfolio management.

Ben Klatt’s Expert Note on Portfolio Management: I have spent years and years in project management for various industries, from government to mining, manufacturing to retail. No matter the project, it’s always a balancing act. You’ll be making sure that things are done on time and on budget, whilst meeting the needs of your client and complying with regulations. So, you want to be learning from the best. That’s why that I make sure that all our educators are properly experienced and qualified so that you have the practical skills for your dream career.

Fast-track Your Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Management with RPL

Get the qualifications you require to reach your career goals – and only study and pay for the course content you need. Skills Recognition International is a 100% certified Registered Training Organisation (RTO) authorised to translate your prior learning and experience into subject credits so you can fast-track your career with a Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Management.

Whether you’re aiming for a promotion or looking to forge a new career in an entirely new industry, RPL could get you there faster.

Man in control of multiple projects and programs - applying skills of Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Managment

Unlock Your Potential with
High-Level Portfolio Management Skills


Individuals with the ability to oversee numerous projects at once are highly sought after in the job market. Many organisations require portfolio managers with advanced skills and knowledge that enable them to prioritise, manage and balance a complex range of projects simultaneously.

The Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Management will hone your communication skills, nurture innovative thinking, and cultivate the skills needed to effectively manage and review portfolio performance. You’ll be instrumental in helping organisations achieve long-term company goals by leading financial strategy development and managing portfolio resources and risks.

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Study Anywhere, Any Time

Get 24/7 access to industry-leading online course modules.  Learn at your pace in your space.

  • Interactive activities to help cement new knowledge.
  • Multi-media formats to help you learn the way you learn best.
  • Full support from “real humans” when you need it.


Develop Your Peer Network

Access our online community hub to develop contacts, form study groups and get peer to peer support.

  • Build a network of peers for future opportunities.
  • Choose your level of social interaction with your peers.
  • Ask questions in a judgement-free, supportive environment.


Learn From The Best

Our trainers aren’t just ‘college professors,’ they’re working industry professionals. They bring current, practical working knowledge of this rapid moving industry.

  • Graduate with confidence that your knowledge is current and actionable.
  • Learn ‘hands on’ skills that make you invaluable in your workplace.
  • Go beyond the theory and get real world examples to cement your learning.


Industry Connections

Your student outcomes are our RTO outcomes.  Our goals align.  So when you’re ready to leap into your new career, we’re here to help you make the leap.

  • Access a dedicated team of career advisors and make the right career move.
  • Get the right advice and connections for your specific needs.
  • Get insight into, or connection with government agencies, funding bodies, migration assistance or university pathways.
  • Tap our network of professionals working in the industry right now.


All-inclusive Fees, No Hidden Costs

We work hard to minimise your investment in your chosen course. There are zero hidden fees and all course materials are included.

  • Learning materials and textbooks.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning assessment and application.
  • Microsoft Suite access (no new platforms to learn, no fees to pay).
  • Access to all online course materials.
  • 1-on-1 support from a trainer and assessor.
  • Forum and instant messenger support.
  • Dedicated student support officers to ensure your time studying is enjoyable and simple.

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