Study Faster and Cheaper with Skills Recognition RPL Certifications

International students and migration agents or lawyers need a specialized registered training organisation that knows their stuff. Easier, quicker, simpler – that is what we do.

Skills Recognition International specialises in RPL for Migration Agents, or individuals wishing to have a skills assessment in order to apply for RPL in regards to visa points  Our experience in working with the immigration system means that your client can feel confident that they’ll receive the right advice and get the right qualification. 

Ben Klatt’s Expert Note on Migration:

Spending almost two decades in project management, I have a lot of experience in forming partnerships with a range of organisations and governmental partners. Through Skills Recognition International, I have taken our connections worldwide, allowing us to have a presence in countries like Hong Kong and Malaysia. We know what it is like being on the other end. We partner with migration lawyers and agents to make the RPL certification process easier for our international clients. Our international focus, understanding and reputation means that we are able to provide trustworthy and expert services and education.

Easier RPL for Migration Agents

RPL makes skilled migration cheaper and easier for your client.  We work with Migration Agents to provide a streamlined, simple process.

Migration Agents simply register with SRI and will be given access to the online RPL system, RPLme!

You will be able to lodge your clients’ skills assessment applications in one place

Check in real-time the status of any applications.

RPLme! is a simple, central portal for Migration Agents wishing to upload documents and evidence against their initial skills assessment. 

Easier to Understand, Easier to Lodge

RPLme! has an easy-to-read dashboard for all users that shows at a glance the status of all applications, you can then explore further and receive information on each individual subject or content area. 


If you wish to apply for a free Skills Assessment please download the PDF at the bottom of this pace and submit it. Once you have submitted the information you will receive a login to RPLme! and a Reference Number. 

Skills Recognition has a policy of a 5 working day turn around in issueing certificates once all of the information has been received and uploaded in RPLme!

For more information please feel free to email us at admin@skillsrecognition.edu.au

RPLme! logins are available by emailing us to organise a dashboard.

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