SRI Partners

At Skills Recognition International we pride ourselves on our industry engagement and partnership model. Here is a list of our partners, contact us if you’d like to apply for a partnership.

Working together: Industry and VET provider training partnerships

The number and variety of industry-provider training partnerships in the vocational education and training (VET) sector has growing considerably. When developing our compliance guidelines, we include: recognising the competitive realities industries face and developing customised and flexible training to meet businesses’ needs; accepting ‘break even’ outcomes may be the best initial result a training provider can expect from a partnership; finding and developing staff who are responsible for the start-up phase of the partnership; evaluating and seeking feedback on the partnership; and, building training staff capabilities.

Benefits of a training partnership with Skills Recognition International Based upon the findings of the research, the following general guidelines emerge for training providers:

  • Recognise competitive realities businesses face as they try to build training and skills development

  • Build flexibility and customisation into training

  • Given the time involved in establishing a larger training partnership, we support the establishment of longer-term partnerships.

  • Find, develop and onboard staff who have responsibilities for initiating and managing the start-up stages training partnerships

  • Ensure that senior management becomes committed early to the partnership.

  • Build a learning environment within the partnership where individuals are encouraged to seek and provide regular feedback and review.

  • Build staff capability in the many skills which support partnering, particularly communication and entrepreneurial skills.

  • Assume that, over time, the quality of the relationship developed will prove to be a more important issue to the industry partner than the actual financial cost of the training to them

  • Realtime industry feedback regarding unit selection, content, and assessments

  • Industry validation regarding Recognition of Prior Learning portfolios