Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Certification Courses

Don’t let your learning and work experience go to waste. With online RPL courses in Australia, you can get your qualifications recognized.
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What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL is a process in Australia that helps recognise the skills, talent, and experience you gained from previous studies, employment or general life experience.

Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) are mandated to recognise an individual’s skills and training from previous experiences under the Australian Qualification Framework.

Once assessed, your previously acquired knowledge and skills may earn you a nationally-recognised certification, which you can use to further your career.

Unlike other training and assessment processes, which use pre-set criteria, an RPL process uses a wider range of factors to determine your competency for certain qualifications. These factors include any education (formal or non-formal), employment (paid or voluntary) and related life experiences you gained in Australia as well as other countries.

With an RPL certification, you can fast track your way towards a qualification you need for the career you want. This removes the burden of having to take career-related courses just so you can get your desired positions.

RPL Qualifications

With RPL assessment, the skills you have acquired can help you get a certification recognised by Australian standards. Some of the areas you can get RPL qualifications for are:
Extensive experience in business roles can get you a business diploma through RPL. If you have qualifications in related fields of study and workplace experience in a management or supervisory position, you can get an RPL in business.
Experience in spearheading or volunteering in programs and activities that benefit the welfare of a community may help you obtain a community services diploma. This opens up plenty of exciting career paths, including youth work, family support or program coordination.
The RPL process gives credit to certified and experiential learning you may have accomplished outside of formal education systems. Post-graduation RPL can be counted towards the completion of other higher education certifications, like a Master’s degree.
Safety in the workplace is integral in all industries. Recent relevant experience with safety-related responsibilities or training can qualify you for an RPL.
The knowledge, skills and experiences you gained working in the health and wellness industries can be converted into nationally recognised certifications. This can help you advance your career in health care.

The RPL Application Process

Applying for an RPL assessment is as easy as 1-2-3! Below, we outline the process of Skills Recognition International’s RPL assessment application process.


Complete your Self-Assessment – You are the best expert on what you’ve done and what you know, so the first step in the RPL process is a self-assessment. This allows you to self-evaluate to decide if you are likely to be successful in applying for RPL.



Pre-enrollment discussion – You can email the self-assessment back to us or if you are unsure about anything in the document, email the program co-ordinator.

Once we have seen your self-assessment we’ll have a conversation about the type of evidence you may be able to provide. RPL is a structured process of assessment of competence and requires evidence.



Enrol in the course – After we decide together which units you have the experience and evidence to confirm that experience to be granted RPL we can calculate the course fee.

You’ll be given an enrolment form with the reduced fee amount and invoice. The amount will depend on whether you will need gap training or not and also if you have already been issued with any relevant units of competence.



Provide Evidence – Once you are enrolled you can start any units that you are going to study and provide RPL evidence for any units that you are applying for RPL for.

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Benefits of RPL Qualification

Get nationally recognised certification

Certifications, accreditations and other formal qualifications go a long way towards helping you succeed in your career. Organisations often look for formal certifications that prove you meet relevant industry standards and licensing requirements.

Save time and money on training programs

Training programs are a great way to gain or improve the skills you need for a certain position. But these programs require resources, such as your time and money.

If you’ve had relevant experiences before, they can be converted into a formal certification through an RPL assessment. With this, you won’t have to invest time and money to take training programs and relearn things you have already picked up from real-life experiences.

Improve your career prospects

Employers are more likely to choose someone with the right qualifications over an applicant who only says they have experience. With RPL, you can work toward certifications relevant to the position you’re applying for based on your past experiences. This formal certification cements your qualification for the role, especially since RPL is a government-mandated process.

Why Choose Skills Recognition International

Skills Recognition International is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia that delivers Vocational Education and Training (VET) through nationally recognised courses accredited by the Australian Qualifications Framework.

At Skills Recognition International, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Comprehensive workplace learning solutions

With over 10 years of providing training, Skills Recognition International offers customised, high quality workplace learning solutions.

Wide selection of RPL courses available online

Skills Recognition International has 29 RPL courses available online for business, community services, health, post-graduation qualification and workplace health and safety.

Dedicated career advisers committed to helping you

At Skills Recognition International, we have a team to help you with your training and assessment requirements, as well as guide you through achieving employment.

Experience with industry leading partners

At Skills Recognition International, we ensure every graduate has real world skills honed by industry leading trainers, researchers and partners.

Solid student support services

We ensure everyone completes their courses and has a pleasant learning experience. We achieve this by partnering with several government organisations and the help of our own competitive staff.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Any experience qualifies as prior learning, whether that experience is formal or informal. As long as you have evidence, you’re qualified for RPL.
    You can read the process above, which involves a self-assessment of your skills, a discussion with our team, enrolment, and providing proof of your experience.
    Yes, this is one of the most important factors in an RPL assessment. Evidence cements your prior experience and helps us assess your qualifications for certain certifications.
    The types of evidence typically presented for RPL include certification, licenses, and professional memberships. Portfolio, photographs, and even diary entries are also accepted. Third party information, such as references from previous peers and employers can also be used.
    Yes! Whether you studied or worked in Australia or overseas, your experience can be assessed for RPL.
    The entire process can be accomplished in a few weeks, depending on the amount of evidence you need to present and how long it will take you to gather said evidence.