Workplace Training Courses

Workplace Training Courses

Skills Recognition International Pty Ltd (RTO 32373) is registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority to deliver vocational education and training services. 

As an RTO SRI can deliver nationally recognised courses and accredited Australian
Qualifications Framework qualifications.

At SRI we believe that learning should be embedded with quality and outcomes.

At SRI we have a team of people who not only participate with your training and
assessment requirements, but help with achieving employment, migration, removing barriers of learning, compliance or even up-skilling into a new field.

With over 400 courses available online and more than 20 qualifications available, either face to face or online delivery, we allow you to study while not missing out on other areas of life.

Skills Recognition specialises in soft skills training either for your own ongoing professional development or for corporate training. Topics include:

SRI has over 10 years experience providing Workplace Learning solutions, either
accredited or non accredited. With a strong emphasis on Human Resources and Learning and Development, SRI delivers high quality training that is customised to your individual business. 

We believe in order for workplace Learning and Development to be successful it must have the following.

Workplace Learning Solutions

Where is learning & development going?

One of the most interesting findings from clients is regarding the types of courses planned for the future. Today, the courses on leadership skills, subject matter expertise, and business basics (writing, presentation skills) command the top spots. However, learning & development groups are being asked by business unit leaders to provide courses on more strategic and timely issues. 

No longer can learning & development be the group that gives employees 101 courseware on common business topics. 

Business unit leaders now require their teams to stay on top of competitive trends and analyse complex business situations. As a result, learning & development groups are being asked to rise to the challenge and address these issues via compelling courseware. 

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