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Looking for accredited qualifications and need a vocational educator you can trust? It doesn’t matter whether you are from Australia or overseas, SRI is a registered training organisation that is here to help you advance your career or work in Australia in the industry you want. With us, you can also get your Australian qualifications online!

Whether you’re a young school-leaver ready to take the first step on your chosen pathway or someone with a litter more experience under your belt, we have an option that will help you get where you want to go.

We offer students engaging, interactive and fun learning opportunities that help tick all the boxes required for a range of different career paths. Our courses cover business, community service, health, Work Health & Safety, ICT and telecommunications, as well as a range of postgraduate qualifications.

Your chosen course will be jam-packed with real world relevance, so you know that you’re gaining practical skills every step of the way.  You’ll be able to confidently apply for jobs in your chosen field, knowing that you have enough theory AND practice to make a great start in the role. 

What’s more, you can study any of our industry-level courses online, in your own time. 

You’ll get instant access to your learning materials so you can get started right away. No more waiting months to be accepted into the next intake. We know you’re excited to start a new chapter, so your course is ready and waiting for you to start!

Ben Klatt’s Expert Note on Our Courses

I’ve spent almost 20 years working in education and training, as well as compliance, project management and human resources. I started SRI using my unique industry experience to make sure that all our students get the very best qualifications by the very best educators. It’s not just about getting a piece of paper with your certificate or diploma but getting the proper skills and advice for the next step in your career. And I don’t want to waste your time either, if you have previous work experience, we specialise in Recognition of Prior Learning and will help you fast-track the process.

So, are you ready to gain the skills to make your dream career a reality? Check out our range courses below.


Already have some experience? Get your free skills assessment 


If you’ve already spent some time in the workplace and would like help figuring out your transferable skills, we offer a free skills assessment. 

Knowing what you bring to the table already can help you develop a plan to step into a promotion or confidently take the leap into an entirely new field.  

Skip the lengthy process of obtaining a full qualification – you may be able to complete only the training necessary to help you upskill for your desired position.

Skills Recognition International can also assist you with overseas qualification recognition, recognition of prior learning (RPL) assessment, and courses for different industries online.   

About us

WHY Skills Recognition International

Skills Recognition International is a registered training organisation dedicated to helping you get qualified for the career of your choice.

We offer comprehensive workplace training skills, as well as RPL courses for different industries online. Each course and training is customised and focuses on topics relevant to your specific needs.

We have been providing these high-quality services for over 10 years, helping individuals across Australia upskill and earn the qualification they need.

Skills Recognition International is also registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority. As an ASQA-registered RTO, we deliver nationally recognised vocational education and training services.

With our industry-level courses and training programs available online, you get instant access to the ones suited for you. This streamlines the learning process and makes it easier for you to acquire the knowledge and skills you need.

In addition to comprehensive training services, we have a dedicated team that ensures students complete and enjoy their learning experience with us.

All these, combined with our partnership with industry leaders and select government organisations, makes Skills Recognition International the RTO that can help you advance your career.
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