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Recognise your prior learning and fast-track your career. Our online RPL certificates and diplomas turn your skills, knowledge, and work experience into accredited Australian qualifications.

Is a Skills Recognition RPL Certificate or Diploma Right for You?

Skills Recognition International is a 100% fully accredited Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO). We are legally authorised to do your RPL Assessment and provide you with an RPL qualification.  We work with individual students, international students (and migration agents) and HR Managers to provide authentic, cost-effective certificate and diploma-level courses that recognise prior learning.  We turn your skills, previous qualifications, life and work experience into real Australian qualifications under the Australian Qualifications Framework.  

Ben Klatt’s Expert Note on Recognition of Prior Learning: I have worked in management for almost 20 years and specialise in training and compliance. Proper training of staff is vital to RPL certification. A skills assessment requires specialised staff need to be able to accurately determine and recognise which of your skills meet Australian accreditation requirements. The rules for compliance are pretty intricate and other RTOs are failing their RPL compliance audits because of it. That is why I focus on building trust with our clients and complying with Australia Skills Quality Authority standards so that you can quickly and properly achieve 100% accreditation.

All RPL Certification

RPL Certification
  • You want to get qualified faster and with full flexibility
  • You have the experience but need the certification to get promoted.
  • You worry that there are gaps in your knowledge.
  • You want to refresh your current qualifications quickly and at a minimum cost.
  • You want to transfer to an industry with plenty of good jobs.
  • You need plenty of flexibility to fit study around other commitments.
  • You want an RTO that fully supports students from RPL Assessment to job readiness.

International Students RPL

International students seeking recognition of prior learning
  • You want to work in Australia but need to show formal qualifications.
  • You want a quality, affordable course compliant with your study visa
  • You need a certificate or diploma recognised Australia-wide.
  • You want a post-grad certificate, but the cost is holding you back.
  • You are time-poor so want to minimise your study time.
  • You’re a migration agent who needs full support from an experienced Australian RTO

Workplace RPL Certification

  • You want to upskill your staff but don’t want to waste time or money.
  • You’re a time-poor HR Manager who needs staff upskilling “done for you”
  • You don’t want to pay for subject matter they already know.
  • You need full support from a qualified team at a recognised RTO.
  • You need the flexibility for staff to study online or in-house
  • A staff member needs a Vocational Education and Training Certificate (VET Certificate) to stay current and compliant.

Our RPL Qualifications

Our goal is to deliver lifechanging RPL courses to Australia. We deliver RPL certificates, diplomas and post-graduate qualifications in high growth, high demand industries. We aim to get you qualified faster, get more job opportunities, a better income and accelerated career prospects.   

Your future starts today; we’ll help you start it faster


Transform your real-world business, finance, and management skills into an accredited Australian qualificationFast track your VET certificate, diploma, or post-graduate studies in this lucrative and in-demand industry with recognition of prior learning. 

Community Services

Your workplace, real life or volunteer experience is invaluable to the community sectorMake a real difference in people’s lives and secure a rewarding job in a high demand industryAustralia is currently experiencing a major skills shortage in community servicesYour RPL Community Services qualification sets you on a fast track to more interviews and lifelong financial security.   

Post-Graduation Qualifications

An RPL Assessment could slash the cost of your postgraduate studiesAs a certified RTO, we’re authorised to give you Advanced Standing (recognised prior learning) on post-graduate coursesOnce you’ve completed your fully accredited post-graduate qualification, it can be credited towards further study, including advanced standing on your master’s degree. 

Work Health & Safety

Work Health & Safety (also known as Workplace Health & Safety) certification opens doors to new career paths, and super-charges your earning capacity. WH&S officers are in demand.   A RPL Work Health & Safety certificate gives you the edge in job interviews across multiple industries, faster and simpler. 


Australia’s health care system is crying out for workers right now.  Your experience could transfer into a fast-tracked RPL certificate serving the health industry. We’ll support you so you can support those professionals saving Australian lives. 

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The RPL Assessment and Application Process

We’ve made the RPL Assessment process simple. Once you’ve completed the first step, we’ll guide you through the easy RPL application process and have you preparing for graduation in no time!

RPL Certification Courses

Step 1

Book a Free Skills Assessment

Find out if you're a good candidate for recognition of prior learning credit in your choses course.

Step 2

Free Consultation with a Mentor

Speak with an expert on RPL under the Australian Qualification Framework. Learn exactly what you’ll need to provide to qualify for Recognition of Prior Learning or Advanced Standing.

Step 3

Get Started On Your Abridged Course

Once your RPL Assessment is complete, we’ll assess your new fee structure, provide you with a custom course outline and your reduced fee schedule.

Step 4

Complete Your Paperwork

We give you time to get your supporting documentation in order. Once you’re enrolled and working on your “gap” units, you can submit your evidence of prior learning and experience.

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Our RPL Qualifications

Trusted Qualifications, Respected RTO

As an Australian Accredited Registered Training Organisation (Registration Number 32773) by the Australian Skills Quality Authority, we are authorised to determine if your life and work experience satisfies the subject matter criteria of your course.  Get your skills certified, Australia-wide.

Save time and money

RPL assessment means ‘removing waste’ from trainingYou won’t pay for subjects, nor will you waste time reading subject matter that you already understand.  We comply with all laws and guidelines for Recognition of Prior Learning training requirements in Australia.

On budget workplace training programs

We offer workplace solutions, from a single employee to upskilling your workforce, with minimum disruption and zero budget waste. Your staff can study online, during quiet times, or in their own timeEach staff member will be skills certified to keep your time and financial investment to a minimum.

Improve your career prospects

When a prospective employer, or your workplace HR department must choose between two candidates, the one with the formal qualification will have the edge Most job descriptions will list an accredited qualification as desirable With RPL recognition, you bring your experience to the table, and help the interviewer choose you over other candidates.

Comply with Australian licencing and certifications

Australian qualifications are set to some of the highest standards in the world. Recognition of Prior Learning allows you to translate your previous study, informal learning or international qualifications into a format recognised under Australian training, certification, and licencing laws.   

Advanced Standing at Australian universities

Achieve a post-graduate course using RPL with us and use it to cut the costs of expensive university courses.  Post-graduate courses through Skills Recognition International can be used in your Advanced Standing Application as academic credits at most Australian universities*. 

*It is advised to check with your learning institution before committing to an RPL post-grad course with us.

I had a very positive experience with Skills Recognition. The team are professional, communicative and provide training services at competitive prices. Would 100% recommend for RPL applicants.”  

– Alison Lovell, Student 

Why Choose Skills Recognition International

Skills Recognition International is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia that delivers Vocational Education and Training (VET) through nationally recognised courses accredited by the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Comprehensive Workplace Learning Solutions

For more than a decade, Skills Recognition International has provided tailored RPL training to individuals and workplaces. Our goal is to help you upskill with zero waste; in time or budget.

All in-demand RPL courses available online

Skills Recognition International provides 29 high demand RPL courses online for business, community services, health, post-graduation qualification and workplace health and safety.

Dedicated career advisers on call

Your dedicated career advisor guides you through the whole process. From course selection, RPL assessment and application, to stepping into your new career.

Industry leading expertise

At Skills Recognition International, we ensure every graduate has real world skills honed by industry leading trainers, researchers, and partners.

Comprehensive student support services

Our reputation for outstanding support comes from our commitment to responsive, helpful communication with all our students. Get answers to your questions, and access to the right government resources, when you need them.

Have a Question or Ready to Enrol?

Frequently Asked Questions

Any relevant experience qualifies as prior learning, whether that experience is formal or informal. As long as you have evidence, you’re qualified for RPL. 

You can read the process above, which involves a self-assessment of your skills, a discussion with our team, enrolment, and providing proof of your experience. 

Yes, this is one of the most important factors in an RPL assessment. Evidence cements your prior experience and helps us assess your qualifications for certain certifications. 

The types of evidence typically presented for RPL include certification, licenses, and professional memberships. Portfolio, photographs, and even diary entries are also accepted. Third party information, such as references from previous peers and employers can also be used. 

Yes! Whether you studied or worked in Australia or overseas, your experience can be assessed for RPL. 

The entire process can be accomplished in a few weeks, depending on the amount of evidence you need to present and how long it will take you to gather your evidence. 

As a Registered Training Organisation, we are able to assess your experience and skills against the learning outcomes of your chosen courseIf your documented skills and experience (and any other prior learning you can verify) satisfies a desired subject outcome, you will be exempt from that subject. 

As a respected and highly experienced Australian RTO, we are experts at assessing the quality of your “proof documents.”  So when we determine you’ve met the evidence criteria, it’s unlikely you’ll have any issue getting certifiedUnfortunately, especially for students applying for RPL Certificates from overseas, there are Australian RPL providers who lack the experience needed to assess your documentsWhich Australian RPL Provider you choose will make all the difference(Learn More About Us Here) 

Advanced Standing, Academic Credits or Credited Subjects are all terms used to describe RPL at Australian universitiesUnlike RPL through an Australian RTO, these generally relate to former study, rather than former experienceBy solidifying your experience into RPL qualifications, you may then be able to apply for Advanced Standing on those qualificationsAlways check with the tertiary institution first as rules may differ depending on the course and institution you choose. 

RPL eligibility is assessed BEFORE you start your studiesIf you can provide the evidence required (you will have adequate time to gather this evidence), your RPL application will not be rejected. 

Skills Recognition International will assess all of your documentation in accordance with the Australian Qualification Framework. Once this is approved and you complete any subjects not covered by RPL, we’ll issue you with your qualification.   

You will not receive a “Certificate of RPL” – RPL itself is not a formal qualificationYou’ll undertake an accredited Australian course of studyOnce you complete any subjects that you don’t have recognition of prior learning for, you will receive the accredited qualification for that course.   RPL itself is not a course, it is a way to short-cut your study time and still receive a qualification.  

If you complete your RPL assessment and approval process through a reputable RTO like Skills Recognition International, your RPL is legally recognised in AustraliaChoosing a reputable and registered RTO is vital to gain and maintain your legal RPL approved certificate.