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Work Health And Safet

BSB51319 Diploma of WHS Course | RPL WHS Course

Study BSB51319, Diploma of Work Health and Safety online, in class or in workplace training. Get it fast tracked with RPL!

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Work Health And Safet

BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

Teaches participants the knowledge and skills to work within an organisation as a WHS safety advisor, assessor, officer...

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Benefits Of RPL Certification In WHS

Whether you are international student with industry experience overseas or looking to upskill your staff, SRI specialises in Recognition of Prior Learning in Work Health & Safety. Minimise your study time and maximise your career qualifications with us and make the most of your work experience.

Skills Recognition International offers a range of comprehensive online courses in different industries in Australia, including accredited Work Health and Safety courses. Check out the benefits:

  • Add Value To Your Workplace

Work health and safety regulations can often be overlooked in a workplace, leading to businesses having to pay heavy fines for violating these standards. By getting a certificate or diploma in WHS, you’ll be adding immense value to your workplace by providing you with the right knowledge to avoid accidents and risky situations. Adding this practical value to your workplace helps employees feel more safe and secure in their daily tasks, increasing employee satisfaction.

  • Improves Job Opportunities 

Almost every workplace needs a qualified Work Health and Safety employee. Through further study, you will learn how to lead and manage WHS protocols and systems to promote safety and reduce risk in your workplace. This will help make you more eligible for better career opportunities within your organisation and when applying for a new job. Through RPL, you can gain skills relevant to your current position and make you more desirable in the hiring process as RPL is a government-mandated process. Career opportunities from a WHS certificate alone include a WHS consultant, advisor and health and safety officer.

  • Gain Further Skills

Through a WHS qualification, you’ll develop practical, real-world WHS skills, leadership, management, and other skills. A WHS diploma or certification will improve your presentation skills, show leadership in your workplace, and allow you to write and complete complex documents. You’ll gain access to trained professionals in the field for practical, real-world situations and be provided networking opportunities to improve your opportunities.

  • Save Lives

Not only will a WHS course help you to further your job opportunities, but it will also give you the knowledge and skills to potentially save lives. Accidents can often happen in the workplace when improper work, health and safety protocols are in place. You’ll be able to pick up on and mend any gaps in current protocols, helping to avoid risky situations for a safer workplace.

Why Choose Us?

SRI is trusted by Australians and immigrants looking to get accredited qualifications in Work Health & Safety. So, what makes our vocational education services so special?

Ben Klatt’s Expert Note on Our Work Health & Safety Courses: In my years of working in compliance and training, I have worked in many industries, from mining to retail, government to manufacturing. WHS is needed in every workplace. In order to have a career in WHS, you need solid skills and training to be a leader and advisor to your follow workers. At SRI, we make sure that you are fully equipped by our fully accredited WHS education experts.

  • Online Availability

You’ll have online access to all your course material and to your industry-leading trainers, all from the comfort of your own home.

  • Continuous Support

You’ll have access to experts in the field and a community of like-minded individuals through our online forum and instant messaging. We also assign you dedicated career advisors to help you further your career.

  • Registered And Accredited 

We ensure that you only receive the best qualification through us at Skills Recognition International. We can make these assurances as we are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with nationally accredited courses recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework.

  • Wide Selection Of Courses Available

Looking to get even more qualified? By partnering with SRI, you’ll have access to over 29 different RPL courses that tackle a number of different industries and subjects, including postgraduate qualifications, business, health, community services, ICT and telecommunications and, of course, Work Health and Safety.

Prepare for the future, Explore your options today!

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